Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy Benefits on Labor

Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy

If you’ve been consistently trying to conceive with your partner, then it is inevitable that you have heard about evening primrose oil pregnancy supplements.

For its popularity, lots of people are inquisitive about evening primrose oil pregnancy supplements. Fertility experts have been recommending evening primrose as a supplement to boost the chances to fertility as well as easier child birth. It has been used over hundreds of years by Native Americans and Europeans. However, it has yet to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which result in many critics questioning this natural supplement’s actual efficiency.

Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy Supplements History

Evening primrose pregnancy supplements originated in North America. It is extracted from a wildflower named evening primrose. Technically, this flower is not a primrose. It was first used by the Native Americans as an anti-inflammatory cure to medical problems involving women’s health such as pre-menstrual syndromes, menstrual cramps, and fertility. Evening primrose oil was also used as remedy to skin concerns such as allergies, eczema, and dermatitis.

When European settlers arrived in North America, they were impressed by how effective this plant is as a medicine. They brought back seeds and roots to Europe and presented evening primrose to the king. After that, the evening primrose oil pregnancy as treatment became a sensation in Europe and all over the world.

Evening Primrose Oil Pregnancy and Fertility

Lately, fertility experts have been featuring evening primrose oil pregnancy supplements effectiveness as a fertility treatment. According to these fertility experts, the high levels of Vitamin E and gamma-linolelic acid of evening primrose oil can significantly help strengthen a woman’s cervix. GLA or gamma-linolelic acid triggers the production of a hormone named prostaglandin, which triggers the manufacture of mucus membrane in the cervix. This mucus membrane thickens the wall of the cervix, which is said to lengthen the life span of a sperm cell. Therefore, it increases your chance to conceive.

Evening primrose oil pregnancy ought to be taken after menstrual period. You’ll only stop taking this supplement once pregnancy is confirmed. Once pregnancy is verified, your fertility advisor will advise consumption of another vitamin such as folic acid and others. You cannot take evening primrose oil pregnancy supplement since this supplement would bring about minor contractions, which can lead to miscarriage.

You can retake this supplement on the 34th week of your pregnancy. The evening primrose oil pregnancy supplements will let you get prepared for your labor. It opens up your cervix and allows easier labor.

On the other hand, it is yet to be approved by the FDA. It is recommended that you visit a OB-Gyne first before ingesting any vitamin or supplements. In the event you experience any negative effects or negative complications from using evening primrose oil pregnancy supplements, I suggest you consult a health expert right away.

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